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Scotland's Fine Art Installation Specialists

Constantine Scotland’s expert fine art handlers and technicians are fully trained in the professional packing, handling and installation of a wide range of objects at a variety of locations, including museums and galleries, as well as many of Scotland’s stately homes. We have specific expertise in the safe handling and installation of large paintings, antiques, large sculptures, and delicate and fragile objects. 

Understanding the Artwork’s Needs

We tailor our plans to the unique needs of each object in our care, recognising that different types of artwork have different handling needs. 

Understanding the materials and techniques used in creating an artwork allows us to make informed choices about the tools and equipment we use when handling and installing. Ensuring the right approach when handling artwork significantly reduces the risks of damage occurring.

Our technical team are equipped with a range of packaging materials. This includes acid-free tissue paper and bubble wrap and, can supply custom-made crates. 

Installation Expertise 

Professionally installing fine art requires specialist knowledge and skill to ensure the work is correctly positioned, properly supported, and protected from potential hazards. Our technical team employ specialist tools, including lifting tables, gantries, scaffold platforms, sculpture carriers, and associated resources.

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